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WTC(Western Town College) Idiom
WTC(Western Town College) Idiom #2 참조

Concession - snack bar, refreshment stand
The price of a chocolate bar is always very high at the concession.

Cost an arm and a leg - very expensive
The designer coat she bought in that trendy store cost an arm and a leg.

Rip-off - overcharged, overpriced
What? $200? That's a rip-off!

Munchies - snack food
I brought some munchies to eat while we watch the football game on TV.

Tearjerker - very sad movie
I cried a little bit when I watched that tearjerker on TV last night.

Touching - heartbreaking, moving, stirring
He told me a touching story about his early childhood.

Have a lump in one's throat - become emotional
I had a lump in my throat by the end of that sad movie.

Hold back the tears - control/stop one's tears
My mother couldn't hold back the tears as she drove me to the airport.

Bawl - cry very loudly
The young boy started bawling when his mother wouldn't buy him a toy.

Get to someone - make someone sad or emotional
Her story really got to me. I had a tear in my eye after I heard it.

Scare someone to death - scre someone very much
I'm sure that horror movie will scare you to death.

Twist and turns - changes in the plot
There were so many twists and turns that it was difficult to understand the movie.

Catch someone off guard - catch someone unprepared
The ending to that horror movie caught me off guard.

Blow someone away - amaze, astonish
The laser show at the rock concert really blew me away.

Two thumbs up - excellent
That movie we saw at the theater was very funny. It gets two thumbs up.

Movie buff - movie fan
My friend is a movie buff. She knows everything about the movie industry.

Give someone a ring - phone someone
Could you please give me a ring as soon as you get to the office?

Coming attractions - movie to be released soon
I love watching the coming attractions before the movie begins.

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WTC(Western Town College) Idiom 참조

Run of the mill - common, ordinary, normal

The cream of the crop - best
ex)You have to be the cream of the crop of you plan on attending that famous university.

One's days are numbered - gonna get fired(die, leave)
ex)That employee's performance has been terrible. I'm sure his days are numbered.

Keep my finger crossed - hope good luck

Knuckle down - concentrate

One's first crack at something - one's first attempt at something

Slacked off - being lazy
ex)I almost failed the mid-term because I slacked off the week before the exam.

Cram - put a lot of study time in short term
ex)I can't go out with you tonight because I have to cram for tomorrow's exam.

Slated for - scheduled for
ex)The election date is slated for the first Monday in October.

Look into it - find out more information

Lose any sleep over it - worry

Up to - doing
ex)What are you up to this weekend?

Hook up with - meeting

Hitch - problem

Ditch - get rid of someone in purpose

Pull one's leg - joke

Sleep on it - need more time to think
ex)I'm sorry, I can't make that decision right away, I'll have to sleep on it.

Errand - works, jobs
ex)I'll probably just run a few errands.

Make a fuss - overreact
ex)The customer made a fuss when the waiter spilled coffee all over the table.

Getting on - getting older

Uptight - serious

Ecstatic - exremely happy

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2007년에 배웠던걸 이제야 쓴다

집에다 노트필기했던거 그대로 놔둬봐야 절대 안읽어보니까

이렇게라도 해야 내 자신이 한번이라도 더 볼 것 같다.

My hands are tied - I can't help you.

Open a can of worms - He really opened a can of worms with the question.

Money doesn't grow on trees.

You look before you leap.

Don't count your chicken before they hatch.
A: When I finish school I will get a good job and be rich.
B: Well, don't count your chicken before they hatch.

Raining cats and dogs.
I think I will stay inside today, it's raining cats and dogs out there.

Look like a million bucks (beautiful)
She looks like a million bucks.

As the crow files
It's only 5 kilometers as the crow files, but 20 killometers by car.

Couch potato(말 그대로 쇼파에 앉아서 감자칩이나 먹는 모습을 떠올리면 된다)
A: What did you do this weekend?
B: I stayed home and played couch potato.

Not my cup of tea (not my style)
I don't watch soccer on TV, it's not my cup of tea.

Pull off
1)please, help me pull off my boots.
2)The robber pulled off two bank robberies yesterday.

Clam up - Don't say anything

Butter up - flattering

Back down
1. The car back down the hill.
2. He always backdown in an argument. (여기서는 give up 의 의미)

Chew out
My boss really chewed me out today.

Drag on
This class seems to drag on forever! (Boring의 의미)

Nod off
She must have stayed out late last night. She keeps nodding off during class.

Pan out
I didn't go to the movies, my plans didn't pan out as I had hoped.

Pitch in
If everyone would pitch in we would be finished in no time.

1)$25.00 for a hamburger, what a rip-off! (stolen, cheated, expensive)
2)He ripped off the bandage very quickly.

Slip up
Becareful, don't slip up and make a mistake.

Word of mouth
The word of mouth about that movie isn't very good.

Sit on the fence - didn't make a dicision

Cat got your tongue - don't talk

Stuck up - can't move, arrogant

Butt in - 껴들다
People are always butting in.

Catch in - popular

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